Restoration Services in Great Falls, MT

Fire and flood are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. When they happen, they’re devastating and they leave behind effects that linger, making your home uncomfortable and even unsafe. Before you settle in after a disaster, make sure you’re calling Pro-Kleen Services, Inc. for restoration services.

Our teams are well-trained and highly-skilled in water and fire restoration, and we’re a Certified Fire Damage and Mold Restoration Company. Trust us to pull out everything from leftover debris and contaminants, to lingering odors and discolorations. We’re trusted by homeowners throughout Great Falls, MT and have a reputation for making your home livable again.

Fire Damage

  • Water Restoration

    The first step in water damage restoration is dehumidification. We use industrial-strength dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air and your carpeting, so proper remediation can begin. From there, the nature of the flooding determines the right course of action for water damage restoration. Your situation may require disinfection, removal of rotted or spoiled materials, mold remediation and more.

  • Fire Restoration

    Our approach to fire remediation is thorough. We use ozone and hydroxyl machines to scrub the air, removing dangerous chemicals and odors from your Great Falls, MT home. Then, we use specialty deodorization and extraction materials to remove stains and prevent any other debris from saturating. We measure and monitor every step of the way, to ensure all evidence of a recent blaze is thoroughly eradicated.

  • Mold Remediation

    Mold is the product of excess moisture and unchecked spores. It can cause everything from allergy irritation to dangerous health effects, and it must be remediated by a qualified expert. Whether it’s in your bathroom, behind the walls or in your crawlspace, we’ll get to the bottom of your mold problem and make sure it’s completely eradicated.

  • Meth Decontamination

    The presence of methamphetamines in a home can linger long after it’s vacant. Leftover chemicals and carcinogens need to be thoroughly removed from carpets, air circulation systems and wherever else they’ve settled. Our team has experience with meth decontamination, and we’ve achieved remediation results that far exceed Montana’s requirements for meth cleanup.

Remediate and Start Fresh

After flood or fire, your home needs to begin the healing process. It starts with restoration services, provided by professionals who know how to get them done thoroughly and quickly. Contact Pro-Kleen Services, Inc. after your tragedy and let us help your home and your family put the past behind you. Contact us today at 406-761-7700 to schedule an appointment.

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