Carpet Cleaning in Great Falls MT

Pro Kleen uses state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment and industry-best practices to deliver an exceptional level of cleaning to your carpets, no matter what condition they’re in. Our process extracts even the most embedded stains and particles to give your home back the level of comfort and cleanliness it deserves—even in the most-trafficked areas.

Even the strongest store-bought vacuum isn’t going to pull out the dirt, grime and contaminants that settle into your carpet over the years. If you really want a deep clean you can see, feel and smell, it’s worth paying professional carpet cleaners. And, for the very best results in Great Falls, MT, it’s worth calling Pro-Kleen Services, Inc.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Removing Stains, Odors, and Contaminants

    Carpet naturally attracts stains and odors over the years. A spilled glass of wine, potty-training puppy or child tracking in mud can all leave behind marks that seem impossible to get out. We’re here to show you that they’re not impossible!

    We’ve proven time and again throughout homes in Great Falls, MT that it’s possible to remove even deeply embedded stains and odors. Our powerful extraction equipment and superior cleaning products allow us to emulsify and extract contaminants directly from the carpet fibers and pad. The results are carpets that look cleaner, smell better and last longer.

  • Scotchgard Protection

    How do you keep your carpets looking great long after a professional carpet cleaning? Ask us about Scotchgard treatment! After cleaning your carpets, we can go back and apply a protective treatment that’ll prevent stains and other buildups for a period after the initial cleaning. It’s a great way to get more for your money and can extend the life of your carpets far beyond what you expect from them.

Renew Your Carpeting

Given the right care, your carpets can last for the better part of a decade or more! Don’t let it succumb to stains, odors or other damages. Let the Pro-Kleen Services, Inc. team help you keep your carpets in their best condition for as many years as possible. Contact us today at 406-761-7700 to schedule professional carpet cleaning services.

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